Instructor Course Evaluations

Starting with Spring 2004, we have been collecting instructor feedback on each semester's courses using the Instructor Course Evaluation Form. It is available through this web-based interface, as well as in (.doc format) or (.pdf format). This form allows instructors to make general comments on course content and accomplishments, and assists them in rating satisfaction of course objectives and program educational objectives. It also provides opportunities for feedback on student preparation in prerequisite courses, and for updating the course coverage or objectives.

We have Example Rubrics for evaluating achievement level for different Program Outcomes.

The specific Course Objectives from the Course Description pages are linked to the individual course titles listed below. The links on the instructor names will allow online completion of an Instructor Course Evaluation Form customized for the current semester and instructor, including the objectives for that course.

Paper copies are kept on file by the department. The faculty group teaching each course reviews the feedback regularly and reports to the full faculty during periodic reviews of course developments. Forms are also maintained here in a database, which can be accessed using the Search/Display link

CourseSpring 2019
Fall 2018
Spring 2018
Fall 2017
Spring 2017
CBE 250 - Process Synthesis  Palecek  Pfleger  Pfleger  Root  Palecek  Pfleger
CBE 255 - Introduction to Chemical Process Modeling  Reed  Chavez  Reed  Chavez  Chavez
CBE 310 - Chemical Process Thermodynamics  Swaney  Miller  Miller  Miller  Tormos
CBE 311 - Thermodynamics of Mixtures  Chavez  Shusta  Van Lehn  Murphy  Van Lehn
CBE 320 - Introductory Transport Phenomena  Yin  Klingenberg  Klingenberg  Klingenberg  Yin
CBE 324 - Transport Phenomena Laboratory  Codner  Codner  Chavez  Codner  Tormos
CBE 326 - Momentum and Heat Transfer Operations  Miller  Chavez  Chavez  Chavez  Chavez
CBE 424 - Operations and Process Laboratory  Chavez  Klingenberg
    Chavez  Klingenberg
    Chavez  Klingenberg
CBE 426 - Mass Transfer Operations  Chavez  Swaney  Swaney  Swaney  Swaney
CBE 430 - Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design  Root  Huber  Huber  Rawlings  Huber
CBE 440 - Chemical Engineering Materials  Miller  Miller  Miller  Miller  Miller
CBE 450 - Process Design  Huber  Swaney  Zavala  Zavala  Murphy  Swaney
CBE 470 - Process Dynamics and Control  Zavala  Zavala  Yin  Swaney  Zavala
CBE 540 - Polymer Science and Technology  Lynn  Lynn  Lynn  Lynn  
Evaluations shown in green are completed.

To enter instructor feedback on a course for another semester or instructor, use the general entry link generator

Feedback from these forms will be kept on file in the department, and will be used to update course coverage and to feed information back to prerequisite courses.

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